Our mission is to create ethical job by empowering our employees and build a foundation for positive community transformation

All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have equal opportunity to develop our talent - John F Kennedy

Impact Sourcing

  • We do impact sourcing of our workers
  • "Buddy" system helps them achieve independence at work and in their personal lives
  • Employees choose their passion to focus on "Data Labeling" skill or purse deeper technical expertise

Vocation Training

  • Vocation training to all our employees to upskill their computer efficiency and domain expertise
  • Multiple tools training for all our employees before they start working with customers data

Various Expertise

  • Various Industry experts - Radiologist,Doctors,Nurse Practitioners to assist our team to annotate better
  • Full stack developers are available to build customer UI and pipelines to suit your needs


  • We ensure customers data is secure by preventing workers from accessing it from an insecure device.We also disable downloading and every employee's background is verified
  • SOC2 Type2,HIPAA,GDPR,
    ISO Certified to ensure complete data production

At Objectways we

  • Think long term
  • Seek the truth
  • Embrace Uncomfortable
  • Be genuine
  • Live the spirit of challenge
  • Trust is what we sell

Our locations

Our HQ is in Scottsdale,AZ and we have multiple offices mainly in the second tier towns in South India


So how's the
company doing?

Since 2018 Objectways has been committed to a course of steady, sustainable growth, while also believing that at some point in the future, Objectways will be the largest Impact Sourcing company in south India. The chart of employee size will clear sense of where we're headed and what-or rather who-we believe in.


Our team


Life at Objectways

Our Culture