Our Mission

Help people build skills, find jobs and grow their careers

All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have equal opportunity to develop our talent - John F Kennedy

We are a social impact sourcing company focused on data labeling services and machine learning with humble beginnings in rural south India. We help improve business outcomes of our global customers by hiring and providing career development opportunities to people who generally have limited employment prospects. According to our statistics, they are more hard working, reliable and dependable than traditional workers. Many have risen to the ranks of project managers and are future leaders. We have pledged to hire 250 more workers via impact sourcing in year 2021


  • We do impact sourcing of our workers
  • We provide them vocation training to upskill their computer efficiency and domain expertise
  • We provide them a “buddy” who helps them achieve independence at work and in their personal lives
  • We let them choose their passion to focus on specific data labeling skill or pursue deeper technical expertise
  • We help them grow in their careers

Our scalable mechanisms

  • We have fully automated worker qualification and have a high quality bar. We use machine learning techniques to ensure highest quality
  • We have volunteer Computer vision and NLP experts and also have volunteer advisor industry experts like Radiologist, Doctor, Process engineers and more
  • Our full stack developers can build custom UI and pipelines to suit your needs. Annotation data lake is turn key offering to centrally manage your labels
  • We ensure customers data is secure by preventing workers from accessing it from an insecure device. We also disable downloading and every employee's background is verified
  • Our workforce goes through various levels of trainings in multiple tools before they start working with a customers data
  • Our office is located in a second tier town in South India hence our costs are low

What We Stand for

Get It Done

Results matter! Work hard and smart. Execute. Be precise and accountable, yet nimble and agile. You own your own performance and ultimately your destiny.


Most customers don’t care what you know But they want to know “You Care”. Make commitments, follow through, and deliver. If you see something that can be improved, don’t wait for someone else to improve it. Every employee has equity and this is truly your company – and ours.


We’re all trying to become better versions of ourselves. That requires you to welcome feedback. The goal is to get to the right answer, and we all need to check our egos in that pursuit.

Together we can do better

Treat people with kindness and respect. Be inclusive and collaborative; bring people and ideas together. Offer help and ask for help when needed. Listen. Give and ask for constructive feedback. Give praise and celebrate success. Teach and learn every day. Inspire others with your actions.

Our India Office

Our Team