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Audio Sourcing

Building an enterprise-grade Al model is highly dependent on the amount of data that one can gather for training models. We have built tools and frameworks to collect voice samples from hundreds of users easily. We have access to thousands of people and collected about a hundred thousand utterances for a voice-related project. Reach out to us for any of your audio sourcing projects.

Image Sourcing

Sourcing images can take a lot of time and hard work. But we do it anyway because we understand it’s probably one of the most important things to train your machine learning models. Either you need different container images or medical images or any other images, we have photographers who can take pictures in a very cost-effective manner. Not only these images are less expensive than the stock images, but they are also unique and taken for your project needs.

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Video Sourcing

Need a stunning video clip but don't have the time or resources to shoot it yourself? Brands have been crowdsourcing for years, and it’s possible for you to do the same thing. The requirements for entry into the world of high quality video production are now more accessible and affordable than ever; it’s possible to get high quality video from a crowdsourced effort. We have the means and access to resources for your next video sourcing projects.

Document Sourcing

The processing of scanned documents calls for automatic recognition of the text by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) computer programs, followed by human validation and correction. Crowdsourcing of these essential manual tasks is a good option. Either you need human validation or you need documents that needs to be created, we have access to resources through out the world who can assist you with this task. We have the experience of collecting documents in different languages as well.