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Large Language Model Services

  • Image Captioning
  • Summarization
  • RLHF
  • Creative Content
  • Evaluation of model quality
  • Code completion and code suggestions
  • Copywriting
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Automatic question generation and answering
  • Programming assistants
  • Information retrieval and data extraction

Generative AI Services for images

Human feedback can play a crucial role in improving and fine-tuning generative AI models for image generation. Incorporating human feedback helps generative models produce more realistic, relevant, and desired images.

Here's how our human feedback can assist generative AI images:

  • Bias Correction: Our annotators are trained to identify and correct biases in the generated images, ensuring that the model produces images that are inclusive and representative.
  • Data Balancing: For imbalanced datasets, our human feedback team guide the model to generate more examples of underrepresented classes, improving overall model performance.
  • Data Anomaly Detection: Our Human feedback team help to identify instances where the generative model produces images that don't match the intended distribution or exhibit anomalies.
  • Semantic Editing: Our annotators are trained to provide feedback on specific parts of a generated image that need improvement or modification. This can guide the model to focus on refining certain aspects while retaining other desirable characteristics.

Generative AI Services for Texts


Human feedback play a crucial role in improving Large Language Models and here are a few ways how we are assisting our customers,

  • Generating Creative Content: Our Human feedback teams are trained to guide the model's creativity and generate more original, engaging, and imaginative content.
  • Generating Conversational Responses: We have the best in class creative writers who assist with conversations to be used to train the model to engage in more natural and coherent dialogues.
  • Language and Tone Polishing: Our experts can guide the model to use more appropriate language and tones based on specific contexts, making the generated text more suitable for different communication styles or audiences.
  • Correction of Misinformation: We have subject matter experts who can provide accurate feedbacks, and our fact-checkers can help correct instances where the model generates misinformation or inaccuracies.
  • Content Quality Improvement: Our Human feedback team can identify and rectify instances where the model generates incorrect or low-quality information.
  • Bias Mitigation: We assist customers to identify and reduce biases present in the model's output. Feedback highlighting biased or inappropriate responses are used to adjust the model's training and fine-tuning processes, making it more equitable and sensitive to diverse perspectives.

Accelerate your engagement with key use cases

Image generation

Create realistic and artistic images of various subjects, environments, and scenes from language prompts.


Build conversational interfaces such as chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance the user experience for your customers.

Text generation

Create new pieces of original content, such as short stories, essays, social media posts, and webpage copy.


Search, find, and synthesize information to answer questions from a large corpus of data.

Text summarization

Get a summary of textual content, such as articles, blog posts, books, and documents, to get the gist without having to read the full content.


Help customers find what they’re looking for with more relevant and contextual product recommendations than word matching.

Customer Stories

Objectways has been engaged in many Generative AI projects across multiple customers and labeling platforms for the past 8 months. Here are few sample projects we have been engaged with,

Workforce Qualification

At Objectways, we have developed a multi-level hiring process to ensure the hiring bar is kept higher. We have 400+ skilled language experts and access to a broader skilled pool. We typically look for graduates in Arts, Media & Communication, Journalism. The process includes following

  • Language Test: The language test is a grammar test comprising of 20 multiple choice questions equivalent to B2(Upper Intermediate) Level. We also have few team-leads who have Level C2 (Proficient) skills
  • Analytical Test: Analytical language tests assess the ability to understand the structure and intricacies of a language, focusing on deeper comprehension and language usage in various contexts. The test levels typically align with broader language proficiency levels, but with a particular emphasis on parsing complex structures, understanding nuances, and demonstrating proficiency in both comprehension and production of the language in various scenarios. We test for Advanced Analytical (Equivalent to B2) that focuses on following aspects,

    intricate sentence structures, including various conditionals, subjunctive moods, and reported speech.

    Distinguishing between nuances in meanings based on word choice or order.

    Identifying and understanding the function of lesser-known word classes and structures, like gerunds, participles, or cleft sentences.

  • Task Specific Test: LLM projects can encompass a wide variety of tasks but generally are broadly categorized as classification, summarization or generation. We assess the new hires on sample tasks from our prior projects and compare output to the golden set.