Security At Objectways

A SOC 2 Company

24*7 Monitoring

Physical Security Personnel at Entry and Exit gates 24 * 7 * 365 days

Metal detectors are installed to prevent workforce from carrying devices into the clean toom. Clean rooms are monitored by the supervisors all the time.

Key Security Features


Background Check and NDA

Employees are on-boarded separately post NDA and through background checks are performed for all employess.

Confidentiality Agreement is executed with all our clients.

Entire workforce is trained with HIPAA compliance and trained to handle PII and PHI.


Network Security

We have a Dedicated and Sanbox network. Sandbox is where we test everything before we implement in a dedicated network.

Physical Firewall is implemented to restrict all inbound access except approved list of ports.



Physical Security personnel at Entry and Exit gates.

Metal detectors are installed to prevent workers from carrying devices into a clean room.

Clean rooms with supervisors monitoring our workforce.


Hardening Controls

Laptops/Workstations have strong hardening controls.

Regular Malware scans are scheduled.

Strict Quarantine policies are deployed.

Once a critical security-patch is released, workstations are patched within 48 hours.


Access Control

CCTV footage capturing is enabled at entry and at exit.

Biometric Access to enter and exit the clean room.

Successful and failed attempts are logged at badge checkpoints to enter the clean room.

Successful and failed attempts are logged at biometric scans checkpoints to enter a clean room.


Internet and Email Security

Emails cannot be accessed outside of our network.

Restricted Internet access to approved domains and sites.

Continuous monitoring of web traffic and protocols.


Data Security

Domain Policies are implemented to prevent our workforce from extracting information from their machines.

Policies are implemented to prevent screenshot catpure and Copy/Paste.

Downloading and installing of Software's are restricted.


Employee Training

Regular Security Awareness training programs are conducted for employees.

Refulre class room sessions on security is provided as well as intranet sessions.

A well-developed emergency action plan has been provided to employees with basic training on what to do in the event of a fire or Smoke alarm.